Record number of Greens stand in county elections

South East Greens are highlighting what they will do for local residents as the county election campaign gets under way.

There will be a record number of Green candidates standing in the South East – 370 candidates which is an 80% increase on 2013. This is vitally important in giving voters a Green option. There are Green candidates in over 70% of county divisions – 14% more than UKIP.

You can see some of the Green manifestos, including Hampshire’s here.

Jonathan Essex, Chair of the South East Green Party and a County Councillor in Surrey, said:

“Greens have a vision for the South East that’s very different from the other political parties. We need an economy that works for everyone at the local level – providing decent jobs for residents, and transport that’s accessible for all. We want sound environmental policy, social justice, and high standards of transparency.

“Greens elected onto local councils are already working hard with local residents to make a real difference in their areas. More Greens on county councils will help us achieve greater things.”

Greens are defending seats in Oxfordshire, Surrey and Kent.

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