How did Havant Greens do in the county council elections?

If you voted Green in Havant – or indeed, anywhere – thank you.

Havant Green Party got between 3% and 9% of the vote across the various divisions (Greens got 3% in total across the county), but the turnout was only 36% – how many of that missing 64% are Green voters who think their vote won’t make a difference?


Bruce Holman in Cowplain and Hart Plain received 153 votes, 4%

Sue Dawes in Emswoth and St Faith’s received 492 votes, 9%

Sue Holt in Hayling received 255 votes, 5%

Richard Lanchester in North East Havant received 108 votes, 4%

Terry Mitchell in North West Havant received 119 votes, 3%

Rosie Blackburn in Purbrook and South Stakes received 178 votes, 5%

Tim Dawes in Waterloo and Stakes North received 196 votes, 5%



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