Get Involved

Havant Green Party fights all local and national elections and we are always looking for leaflet deliverers, canvassers and people to help with the background work. During election time contact our candidates to see if they need any help.

Or come along to a street stall from 10 to 12 at:

Sat 13 May – Park Parade, Leigh Park Centre

Tue 23 May – West Street, Havant

Sat 27 May – The Square, Emsworth

Sat 3 June – West Street, Havant

Outside election times are always campaigning on local environmental and social justice issues. Come along to one of our meetings or one of our informal drop in sessions.

Save the NHS(1)We are currently campaigning for a new Station at Bartons Road, fighting to save our NHS and save our water and countryside from Fracking. Whatever your interested in  cycling, renewable energy, re-cycling, anti-war and pro equality campaigning, we would love to hear from you. Contact us via this link. 

New ideas and people are always welcome.




If you accept our core principles the best way to support us and join the fight for a better world is to join us and become a member.  If you are not yet certain you want to do that then please do come along to a meeting or two and see what we are up to first.   If you are ready now follow this link to join today.