About Tim – Green Party Candidate for Havant Constituency

tim1 Tim Dawes lives in the town of Havant in the heart of the constituency. His wife Sue runs an upholstery business in North Street.  Their children went to school here and they are both deeply involved in community life. An active local campaigner for the town, on the protection of green spaces and on social justice issues, Tim is part of a Havant Green Party increasingly seen locally as the only credible alternative to the Conservatives. Formerly a senior local government officer, he later ran his own successful business and is now retired from paid work – although not from his many community activities. A strong believer in arts for everyone, Tim has organised local art exhibitions, music festivals and directed the Havant Literary Festival.  He founded Havant Civic Society and currently project manages the restoration of the Gazebo Garden in the East Pallant.  He is also the Director of the South Downs Poetry Festival, the largest of its kind in Southern England.  Havant Green Party campaigns to hold local politicians to account, arguing for a new rail station at West Leigh and defending the NHS and calling for new community treatment facilities in Emsworth and Hayling. Tim has also been active in the campaign to keep fracking out of Hampshire and West Sussex. As he says “Havant’s greatest assets include our pure water and our easy access to fine countryside – fracking directly threatens both”. On education and the NHS, Tim says “We can’t ignore markets, but I’m yet to meet a nurse, doctor or teacher who is motivated by competing with their colleagues. It’s time we trusted them again and gave them what is needed to do their jobs well.”

Candidate for Meon Valley Constituency

This constituency includes Waterlooville and Cowplain areas of Havant Borough.  Andrew Hayward is the Green Party candidate.

Andrew lives amongst the community of the Meon Valley from his home in Horndean.  An energetic family man whose concerns for the environment and climate change run deep.

Andrew’s motives for running for the Greens come largely from their stance on the environment, all the time the sitting government have an apparent ignorance towards climate change and the impact it has on us all The Green Party will remain relevant.

As a photography teacher by trade, Andrew is seeing the damage that education cuts and funding constraints are having first hand.  It is a direction which is unsustainable and the effect of which will be felt for several generations to come.

On the subject of health Andrew is committed to the rejection of any hint of privatisation of the NHS.  Healthcare and treatment, free at the point of delivery, is a real jewel in the crown of what we have in this country and an underfunded NHS is effecting its ability to support the most vulnerable.

Having voted to remain Andrew would prefer a United Kingdom within the European Union.  However, in the scenario we find ourselves, it is imperative that any Brexit negotiation is done properly and in the interests of the citizens of our country and not the rich.  A hastily concluded so called ‘hard Brexit’ would be devastating to the economy and would be another pain to be felt by our children.

Andrew stands for The Green Party in the Meon Valley as a great alternative for the weary voter who has become tired and disconnected with the same old broken promises of the old school.  Say no to politics as usual and vote Green on June the 8th.

Local Election Candidates

The following local party members contested the Hampshire County Council elections on 4th May:

WARD                                      CANDIDATE

Cowplain and Hart Plain           Bruce Holman

Havant North East                     Ri8chard Lancaster

Havant North West                    Terry Mitchell

Hayling                                      Sue Holt

Purbrook and Stakes South       Rosie Blackburn

St Faiths and Emsworth             Sue Dawes

Waterloo and Stakes North        Tim Dawes