Welcome to the Havant Green Party website.

What do we stand for?

Imagine a better politics. A politics that looks to the longer term – developing effective strategies for the sustenance and betterment of our world, so that we can pass a decent legacy on to our children and subsequent generations. A politics that wants to share resources, wealth and the products of our successes more equally, making sure that those with the ability to pay don’t avoid their responsibility to do so. A politics that believes that children and young people should be nurtured and encouraged to develop as rounded and confident human beings, not forced into debt and left struggling to get decent jobs and housing. A politics that puts public service values above those of the market in our NHS, schools and local councils. A politics seeking to develop a world in which everyone has the opportunity to find happiness and will be helped as of right, not stigmatised, when things go wrong. A politics that thinks that power and influence in all aspects of government should be shared by everyone, not just the rich and well-connected. A politics that will fight to conserve what we love about our countryside and the diversity of the natural world. A politics that will fearlessly demand change, when and where change is needed. A politics that loves innovation and supports science and engineering for the good of all – not just commercial self-interest. A politics that recognises the importance of security, but doesn’t believe that having weapons to kill millions of innocent civilians makes us more secure or is morally right. A politics that hates greed, loves working together and stands up for the needy. A politics for the common good. This is our politics. We are the Green Party. Help us make May 7th the day British politics changes for the better.

Local Green Eco-Policies

The following was prepared for Friends of the Earth who asked for a summary of our local policies for the environment.  It’s not an exhaustive list, but gives a good picture of where we stand and what we campaign for:

The Green Party in Havant aims to bring sustainability and social justice to the heart of policy and decision-making. These challenges are large, national and global; but they are also small, local and on our doorstep. Here are a few local policies we have espoused that will help:

1. Transport. We have campaigned for the maintenance of Hampshire subsidies to local bus routes and the retention and further development of our public services buses. Nationally, Greens would bring back Chicago_Transit_Authority_1384-aregional transport authorities and regulate subsidised services. Locally we campaign for better late evening services – especially for Leigh Park and Hayling. We are also campaigning for a new limited stop rail station to be positioned where Barton’s Road crosses the main Portsmouth/Waterloo line.

2. Development. Greens want to see more housing, especially new council housing, to meet the demand of the 1.8million people on the housing waiting lists nationally. However, we will oppose all development on school playing fields and grade 1 and 2 agricultural land. Instead we advocate use of brown field sites and only giving planning permission for new retail development when it has a significant component of housing included. Several hundred new housing units could have been included in the East Havant retail expansion areas had this provision been made.

3. Walking, cycling and street use. We would have 20mph limits and more traffic free and traffic calmed spaces in our urban areas – giving our street space back to a variety of users. Cycling planning locally has been poor and needs much great priority. The N22 route through Havant is plain wrong and ridiculous – it needsCycling re-routing and proper provision made for lanes and signing. We want to see cycle crossing provided in key locations including: Across the Hayling Road at Langstone (linking the two sections of the Billy line) and south of the Hayling bridge. We support the call for a proper cycle bridge across the route to Hayling and for a north-south hard surface route away from the road across the island. We also want to see a radical redesign of cycle routes around Emsworth, particularly on the North Street / New Brighton Road section that is especially dangerous.

4. Local food. We want to promote local market provision for local producers – very local producers not CSAthose from 50 miles away. To sustain this we urgently need to provide land for Community Supported Agriculture projects near to our built up area. In our view the “gaps” would be particular suited to this use. We would also seek to purchase land publicly for rented small-holdings and more allotments.

Fracking protest 2015 B5. Energy. We oppose fracking and will seek to protect our local water and countryside from this real and present threat. The IPCC says we need to leave 2/3 of known fossil fuel resources in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. Going after the last drops of the stuff using an extraordinary dirty and dangerous technology is a strategic and practical nonsense. We support green energy and will act as advocates for solar PV, geothermal, wind and tidal projects locally.

6. Recycling. We will campaign for separate kerb-side collections of glass and food waste.

Whilst all of these local policies will help fight climate change, there is an urgent need for more determined action at all levels to radically reduce carbon emissions and so fight climate change. This is and will remain the main environmental focus of our politics.